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PDF writer software - Learn how to write pdf files




In many applications nowadays, a PDF writer software proves to be beneficial as well as convenient.

Along with the many software readily available in the internet today, PDF writer is a great tool in many business transactions and other uses. For one, a PDF writer can make the contents of your file secure and can translate it into a universal format that anybody can see and download. It is considered as safe because it is it cannot be edited by the receiver. There are other PDF files however that can be filled. The sender just leaves certain areas where the receiver can write his/her info or signature.

About PDF

Before we actually continue on discussing the PDF writer, let us first define what a PDF is. PDF is a short form of Portable Document Format. This was originally developed to create easy document sharing online and ease of document printing. One good thing about it is that it keeps the layout of the document and keeps it secure that way. It keeps the font, style, graphics and arrangement intact even if the receiver does not have that font style.

A PDF writer then is a software or program that can convert word formats to PDF. There are a lot of software capable of doing this nowadays. Most of them carry this basic capability but they usually differ in terms of flexibility. Some PDF writers offer more many options and action buttons than the others. Depending on the user's preference, he/she can choose from the many kinds of PDF writer available.

LEarn how to write pdf files

One widely used PDF writer software is BullZip PDF Printer. This is one of the top picks of users and has been proven through time. One flaw however of this program is that the files it created are not searchable if it is from Excel or other forms. It can only be searched if the original file is Word.

Bullzip's advantages include the capability of protecting your PDF files by the use of password, freedom to put watermark over the file, and appending files. Another is that Bullzip can use 40 or 128 encryption bits on the file. Different quality levels of output can also be done when you are using Bullzip. Lastly, in Bullzip, you can add or change the metadata.

Another good software for PDF writer is doPDF. With doPDF, you can have the option to choose different levels of output quality. If you don't require complicated features, this will be good enough for you.

PDFCreator is also a strong PDF writer with almost all the features of Bullzip has. It has more watermark capabilities and is a 64-bit program. One great advantage of PDFCreator among others is that it has a server installer as well as a standalone installer. Because of this, this is preferred by most business groups.

If you opt to keep it simple, you can choose CutePDF. This has limited features but still has the basic capability of writing your documents into a PDF file. A plus of this type of PDF writer is that it is easier to download due to its small size.

With the many options in the internet, you can just choose which PDF writer suits you.



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