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Portable Document Format Printer or PDF Printer is a software program. It is used to cover files from other format into Portable Document Format. The program creates a virtual printer which converts files from other formats to PDF Format.

Portable Document Format is an open standard for any document. The Adobe Systems created this format in 1993. The Adobe Acrobat has been reformed many times since its inception. This format is used to make the format independent of application software, hardware and operating system. This is preferred for its independent nature. It is a self contained format and is compatible with any operating system or application software. PDF Formats are commonly used because of the many advantages they have over other formats. They are the best format for long term storage of data too. With the other formats, the document may become unreadable due to software becoming outdated; however this problem is countered with PDF format storage. PDF has the advantage of storing the text in a searchable form. While printing, files from PDF format will be precise and accurate in respect to color and quality of print. Moreover, PDF files have 800% magnifying ability without losing the sharpness in text or graphics. All these makes the PDF format better than other formats for storage. This makes people to store their data in PDF format. PDF Printer makes this task very easy. The PDF Printer converts data from other formats to PDF format at an amazing speed as well. Learn how to print files with magic pdf software.

PDF Printer is basically a Microsoft Visual Basic application. This is a freeware supplied to the public with some limitations. It is allowed for personal use and commercially for up to ten persons. The application converts files from any Windows program to PDF. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. While converting it, can give direct output to same file every time or will ask for destination. Furthermore, it has got the option of password protection for PDF documents. The editing can be done as per the requirement of the user and its graphical user interface is an additional advantage. A PDF file can be encrypted for security or digital signature can be used for authentication. This provides security for the file and makes the data confidential.

This application gets itself installed as a printer and when a print command is given, it produces the print in PDF format instead of providing the output on the paper. The installation is very easy. It can be downloaded and run and an installation wizard will guide the user through installation. Once installed, this will be the easiest way to convert the Word format to PDF format with the help of this virtual PDF Printer. Additionally, this application is most useful for converting bulk volume of data from other formats to PDF Format. PDF Printer is a free application which can be downloaded from the net and anybody can access it and download it for their personal usage and there are different versions for personal and commercial usage. All in all, this application has revolutionized the storage options.



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