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PDF files are not intermediate files, instead these are representation of a document and therefore, you cannot edit the file. The PDF files are generally designed to view the document and the source of PDF files is edited to make changes to a PDF file. If the source is Word document - changes can be made in the PDF format and if it is an Excel file - changes should be made in the Excel file.

PDF editors are tools which can be used to make changes to the original file and changes can also be made to the complete PDF file by changing its security settings, page order and outlook. There are many types of PDF editors available online which can be used to make changes to text, images, page orders and security settings of a PDF file.

The common PDF Editor which is used to manipulate PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Professional which can be used to add multimedia, video, buttons, sound etc., to a PDF file. Standalone editors can also be used to modify content in a PDF file and some of the standalone software tools are as follows -

NitroPDF- It is a PDF Editor program which makes it easy to convert, create, and save the PDF file. Its package is offered at a discount. The small package is offered for 1 to 11 users, while large packages are designed for more than 11 users. The software can be used for creating, editing, exporting, converting and reviewing documents and also for securing exchange information.

Foxit - Foxit Phantom PDF can be used to generate and edit personal document, edit collaboration files and design forms.

Infix PDF editor - It is another famous PDF Editor software which can be used to edit the text of the PDF file.

There are tools which can be used to edit the PDF to provide it in a printable format, to convert into other languages, change its metadata or quality and provide many other features. Some tools of Adobe which are also used for editing PDF files are -

Adobe TouchUp Text tool - The PDF Editor allows small text editing and you can easily delete or add text to the file using the tool. The Adobe Touchup tool can also be used to edit the image where you need to select an object and the content, and then click and edit the option to make changes.

Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Illustrator is the tool which can be used to edit the text and also images. The edited text will appear in the font of the Illustrator, instead of the font in which the text has been written. This creates change in the overall look of the original file and hence, it is not considered to be an ideal tool for editing PDF files.

Photoshop - For changing images of the PDF file, you can use Photoshop. The image can be saved in a folder and then it can be opened in the Adobe Photoshop and edited. After the image is changed, it can be embedded into the Acrobat file.




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