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PDF Converter

PDF files are portable documents which can be created from text, images, spread sheets, applications and it can be shared with other users. The PDF reader essentially helps to read the PDF files. The PDF converter is the application which helps to convert printable PDF files into editable or non-editable file formats. There are many forms of convert pdf files offered online which can be used to convert text, doc, HTML or any form of file format and also offer support for various operating systems. You can even get free PDF converter which can be downloaded and installed on the machine and it provides client side free conversion of files. There are many advantages of using a PDF converter software and some of the benefits are given below -

The PDF file can be converted into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Perfect, text or XPS formats using the convert option. Moreover the text files which are made from PDF conversion includes everything from columns, graphics, and tables to formulas and other features.

The PDF converter provides data manipulation feature and it is also used to read a PDF file, in case the file is found in a non-readable format.

The PDF converter can be used to share documents and information, and it is also found in many types of languages.

A PDF converter program helps to provide the PDF file in editable format. If the file is present in password protected format, it cannot be edited until it is converted into an editable format and PDF file helps to unlock the file and save it in editable format.

PDF converter also provides the option of choosing word spacing and the converted files can be matched to the native file. The space characters can also be inserted manually and one can also insert the pixel spacing in the file. PDF file converter also provides text boxes which can be used to merge the content of the text or the user can choose to leave the text boxes empty.

The PDF converter software helps in batch processing where you can load multiple PDF files and covert the content into another type on a single click and this provides easy and effective method of converting or modifying text of images in multiple PDF files.

PDF to Word feature helps to convert the content of PDF files and it can be used to get images and embedded objects from the PDF file. The use of PDF converter can also be used to eliminate the objects or images which may or may not be compatible to the word file. The text in the PDF can be left and the user can also make changes to space or fill the area from where the images are removed.

The PDF converter is mostly offered free on internet and it offers an easy to use handy tool kit having many properties including the features of word processing, PowerPoint presentation and spread sheet. Hence, it's hassle-free to work with file format conversions from one format to other and what's more, these files can be shared and reviewed easily in groups or by a single user.




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