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Free PDF Creator

Business organizations require PDF files for transferring commercial and non-commercial information in an offline and online environment. There are many types of free PDF creator , writers, printers and applications which can be used to create PDF files. The PDF creators create proprietary formats which can be exported into PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is the common application which is a desktop PDF Authoring suite and it can be used for viewing PDF files.

A free PDF creator is the application which can be used for the following purposes -

  1. Creating PDF files (which are delivered in printable format)
  2. Saving PDF files (which can be used later or posted on internet for sharing the information of the PDF file)
  3. Allowing multiple users to view the file in exactly the same format
  4. Providing easy to use screen which has a conversion interface (no multiple screens or wizard is required for viewing the content of the file)
  5. Displaying all the elements of the PDF file exactly in the way it was created

Some of the most commonly used free PDF creators are as follows: - It is an open source application which allows exporting files into PDF formats.

Ghostscript - It is licensed under GNU GPL and it can be used to view, create, convert and support many versions of PDF file formats. It is used by BullzipPDF, CutePDF, PDFcreator and WinPDF free version software application.

IGhostscript - It can be used as a file format converter which works like PostScript to PDF converter. It works in general purpose programming environment and it can run on UNIX, Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS and many other OS.

PDFCreator - PDFCreator is one of the most widely used free PDF creator which provides server installed program to set up and create PDF files which can be directly printed from the machine.

CutePDF - CutePDF is the software which helps to create PDF documents and it installs printer on the machine which can be used to print the PDF file. The software application even works on Windows 98 and Vista 64 bit; what's more, it's very fast free PDF creator software application which generates many small PDF files.

PrimoPDF - It is a solution which provides an easy method to create PDF files and to print it. It can be used to view the PDF files online, for eBook printing and office printing.

PDF file format was developed in 90s for easy document exchange. Today, PDF files are used more than Microsoft Word documents for data exchange as it is compact and it preserves the original format of the file. The PDF files have many other advantages as its data cannot be modified easily and it can be viewed in the same format in almost all browsers. Adobe Acrobat version is available online for freely viewing the PDF files but PDF creators are needed if you have to create a number of PDF files at one time for commercial purposes or if you have to make changes to many files at one time.

There are many applications offered online which can be used to create and edit PDF files for free. The images in a PDF file can be edited and replaced using the online free PDF editing tools. Users can also get free PDF tools to change the content of a PDF file and to insert it into another PDF file. The page of the PDF file can be deleted, swapped or rotated using the free PDF tools.

Acrobat Professional- Acrobat Professional is the tool which can be used to convert the color of the Acrobat file from normal to grayscale. Plug-ins can be installed to edit the various objects of the PDF document and the applications which are commonly used for editing objects in PDF are - Photoshop Professional and PDF Toolbox.

Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Illustrator can also be used to edit the PDF files but the text handling of Illustrator is not very efficient as it changes the original format of the text.

PDFEscape - It is the free PDF tool software which can be used to edit the PDF files for free and it also allows editing the password protected PDF documents in the browser. It can be used by business owners to edit, read, create forms and design many formats in PDF files. Furthermore, PDFEscape helps to hide some parts of the PDF document and it can be used to create custom shapes, text boxes, arrows, and sticky notes and you can even add hyperlinks to the pages.

PDFEdit - It is another free PDF tool which is open-source software and it can be used for editing PDF files. It provides a bug tracker to provide improved security and safe download of files.

Becy PDFMetaEdit - Most of the PDF files are opened only in the read-only format and in such case, you cannot edit the file. Sometimes, you need to edit the PDF file but the source files may not be available. The Meta data of a PDF file can be edited using Becy PDFMetaEdit. The Meta data of the PDF file can be checked at Becy PDFMetaEDit and this is a free utility which helps to edit the text and details of the PDF document title, create data, author name and keywords. The tool can be used to encrypt the documents in a way that the users who know the passwords can only read the content of the PDF file.




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