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Edit PDF files - Learn how to edit pdf files




Edit PDF Files

One of the simplest methods to edit PDF files is to export it to Microsoft Word format. The PDF documents mostly contains text but there are certain PDF documents which have images, charts, complex formatting, tables, and there are online tools provided to convert this content into editable format. Sometimes, the PDF files have certain security settings which restrict editing and to edit such files, it is important to know about the structure of these files and also about the objects which can be stored in PDF files.

Sometimes, you need to edit PDF files in batches. The PDF metadata and bookmark tool can be used to modify and update the information in various PDF files in a batch. In case you are planning to post the PDF files on web, you can add proper metadata to the files, which will help to improve the organic ranking of the files in the Google search results. Learn how to edit pdf files with magic pdf editor.


PDF File Format

PDF files provide an open standard and its file format contains primarily eight types of objects- Boolean values, number, strings, names, arrays, dictionaries, stream and null objects.

The objects of PDF file can be embedded either in non linear or linear format. The non linear PDF files take less disk space as compared to linear PDF files, however it requires more time to access. The linear files are web optimized files which are constructed in a way that it will open immediately on accessing, although it takes more disk space. PDF viewing software Adobe Acrobat is freely available and many versions of the software are found online.

Ways to Edit PDF Files

There are many ways you can use to edit PDF documents. You can either convert it into Word documents or Excel, depending on the content and properties, and the edited files can be modified and changed back to PDF.

ColorSync is the application which is found in the OS X releases and it can be used to change the various settings. It also helps to overwrite the password of a PDF file. The user can modify the file and use “save as” option to change its settings.

•  There are certain advanced editing techniques used which can be used to remove blocks, add signatures and replace images without changing the flow of content.

Text manipulation can be used to edit the text of PDF file. The header and footer of the PDF file can be changed.




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